angels are also German쯳pan>pointers with wings 

This page will be my tour down memory lane. These dogs are all missed with all my heart. Special dogs who deserve their  special place in my history of dogs.

NYSTEDGŒDӁNDI  "쯳pan>21,03,2002-23,07,2010

Just a few days after i had moved out Sandi staying with Kent ran in front of a car, and killed.


ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>M. Brown Bear 10,12,1998Ⱜ07,2010


Deear est Bente, i had to put to sleep, as i could not have more then 2 dogs쯳pan>the place i was moving to.

M. Love of Levity 28,07,1995 - ,8,12,2008 

My dearest boy Klumpen has followed his best friend over the rainbow-bridge now he is playing together with Tanya again, both waiting for me, I hope.

I miss you both terribly, but hopes that you have found your brother and sister too

Line Sam Name Of The Game   19/11/1994 - 07/11/2006

My darling Tanya has crossed the Rainbow-bridge without me, I hope we meet again when I cross and that you will be mine once again


Poor Jack, after having moved to a new nearby home, he missed us so badly, he ran away. On his way back to us, he was hit by a car, a hit that broke his back.


A combination of old age, bad eyesight and ill-ness made us put her to sleep


Kent much loved hunting dog


Our German shorthaired pointer, a second-hand dog who had such a great passion for hunting, that it stressed him so much that he started eating his own legs and having a constant bad stomach. Not being able to stop this made us put him to sleep only 4 years old, but he should not go to a new home.

  Sisse (Levity Snow White) 02-01-1992  - 28-09-2000

My second dog. She was the cocker in my dreams. The first 6 years was a delight, but 6 years old her lost her sight. In spite of moving to a new house she managed well but 8 years old she got glaucoma. I could not stand seeing her suffer and had to  put her to sleep. She is now sleeping at her favourite place in the garden

Sofus ( MoorcockƮ Dream boy) 28-07-1995  29-07-1999

He was a special boy, loving and caring. Son of Sisse and the brother of  Moorcock̯ve of Levity and Lady, Only 3 weeks old he got a brain damage, maturing it gave him a bigger and bigger handicap and I had to make the hard ( for me) decision to put him to sleep only 2 days before moving to a new house. Now he is sleeping a nice place in the garden.

Futte   1989 - 06-03-1997  ( in English his name was chug-chug)

My first dog, bought at a dog sanctuary. Who could give up a dog like him??  A people loving gay who when petted sounded like a cat, confusing people who didn't know him. Having a self-confidence like few. Sadly he was run down by a car during a stay with my in-laws.

Mr. Bascomb (Levity Savage Rider)

My parents dog, he was only to be for a weekend- stay 3 months old but  when Monday came my mother would not let him go. In everything he was my mothers dog. Living the good life, he died of  age.


I miss you  all so much