Kennel Moorcocką©³ a small kennel, who's prime goal is to breed English cockers with the merry cocker-temperament. Cockers, who likes people and is used to be together with other dogs, both adults and pups. Visiting old pups is used to get along in our dog group, no special treatment is necessary in those cases. 

Our 2. goal is to breed healthy cockers, i.e. cockers without HD and eye disorders. All our breeding bitches have to be HD-free (max status B acc. to FCI Europe). And free of eye disorders.

Our 3. goal is to breed cockers who look like cockers according to the FCI-standard.


The Kennel is small, because we don't want to have our dogs in kennels - they all live with us inside the house. But of course they have their own house. And as we live in the forests of middle of Jutland, Denmark, their house is build in wood.